June 9, 2008


Robert Service


How often have I started out
With no thought in my noodle,
And wandered here and there about,
Where fancy bade me toddle;
Till feeling faunlike in my glee
I've voiced some gay distiches,
Returning joyfully to tea,
A poem in my britches.
A-squatting on a thymy slope
With vast of sky about me,
I've scribbled on an envelope
The rhymes the hills would shout me;
The couplets that the trees would call,
The lays the breezes proffered . . .
Oh no, I didn't think at all -
I took what Nature offered.
For that's the way you ought to write -
Without a trace of trouble;
Be super-charged with high delight
And let the words out-bubble;
Be voice of vale and wood and stream
Without design or proem:
Then rouse from out a golden dream
To find you've made a poem.
So I'll go forth with mind a blank,
And sea and sky will spell me;
And lolling on a thymy bank
I'll take down what they tell me;
As Mother Nature speaks to me
Her words I'll gaily docket,
So I'll come singing home to tea

A poem in my pocket.



this poem made me laugh, because having a poem in your pocket was what ive been hearing ALL YEAR and honestly, i didnt really get what it meant. i got the concept of always thinking about one, and “carrying it with you” but it didnt hit me completely until i read this poem. poetry isnt supposed to be about a one time thing. it is supposed to weave in and out through our lives, and you have the random moments where you go “didnt i read about that in a poem one time?” it makes you think, it branches you out, and gives you a new outlook on many aspects of life. as i turn the page in the “high school” part of my life, and go into the college chapter,  i cant help but think my outlook on things is that much broader because of the poetry i have been able to read.  i think thats what Service was trying to get at when he wrote this. poetry is supposed to give you inspriation in places you never thought possible. This is what makes it such a unique style of writing.



We are hurting
We are dying
For a new blues
One that doesn’t rhyme
With worn-out shoes
We are hurting
We are dying
For a neo blues
More than an inverted pyramid
Something to push against
To get to the evidence
Inside us
Forget the applause machine
Forget the corporate lotto
Forget he alchemist’s gold scheme
And you can ditto
The sphinx’s motto
We are hurting
We are dying
For a nouveau blues
To underline
What’s left behind
Forget the Nazi doll
Designed in Detroit
And made in Beijing
Forget about this
Contagious computer virus
Travelling up the Tigris
Forget Batman
In this postmodern
A new shade of blue
One hundred hues
Down from the stratosphere
Up from the
Red Sea
A hell of a journey
We are hurting
We are dying
For a brand-new Blues

 As an american, i feel so  lucky to have the rights that i have, and i feel like i can change the world. but has not been the case for everyone, and will never be. During times like the Holocaust, and now with the darfur genocide, i cant help think about the people who are “dying for a brand-new blues.” they want change, and there to be a different “blues.” Especially now as a registered voter, i know that i myself can change things. that is why it is important to be informed on these topics, and be able to change your blues. You can help someone change theirs by standing up and changing your own.

Ready for change

January 28, 2008


a mix of things have happened this past weekend that really got me thinking about a lot of different things. all i do know is i am ready for change. this weekend a conference i attended really got me thinking about the different things that i can do to make a difference. i can vote. i can change the world.  i can have a say in who is the next president of the united states. and for me, that is a huge deal. i am not only ready for change, but i am going to be that change. the quote in my blog, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,”  just describes the way im feeling. im watching my friends and i become more and more involved, and that just makes me really happy. we went to an obama rally, we can affect peoples lives. my friend is doing a project for darfur, she is going to make a change. i dont know what brought this blog. maybe it was just the conference i was at. watching a stimulation of people taking on issues, and coming up with resultions to them. it wasnt real, and the changes wouldnt happen, but i saw people put all their effort into making sure it was resolved correctly. it just really got me thinking. like in the poem by walt whitman, song of myself

“I will go to the bank by the wood, and become undisguised and naked; I am mad for it to be in contact with me.” i am ready to go out into the world, with my guard down, and ready for it to be in contact with me, and change it.