The Child is Father to the Man ‘THE child is father to the man.’ How can he be? The words are wild. Suck any sense from that who can: ‘The child is father to the man.’ No; what the poet did write ran, ‘The man is father to the child.’ ‘The child is father to the man!’

How can he be? The words are wild.

just looking at it, this poem seems so out there, because the idea of it doesnt make a lot of sense..the child being father to the man? but at the same time, it reminded me a lot of how when you get older, you always wish you could live the simple life that children do. it’s kind of in a sense that you look up to them, wishing you didnt have to stress about everything. maybe because of this, Hopkins was trying to tell us to slow it down. it reminded me of a song by one of my favorite artists (keith urban) 

 “These are the days we will remember
These are the times that won’t come again
The highest of flames become an ember
And you gotta live ’em while you can”

that song is also telling you to live the days while you can, because they wont come again