November 5, 2007

Does anyone see this poem as the beginning stages of life, back to Adam & Eve? the way i saw this poem was that The bird came down the walk, didn’t know he was being watched, ate a worm. But as soon as he drank a dew from convenient Grass, the mood of the poem somewhat changes. I connected the “convenient grass” to the tree which the apple was pulled from. When he glances with “rapid eyes” that hurried looking frightened, it could be in reference to the idea of Adam and Eve being punished, and scared and suddenly aware that they’re naked.Once the “crumb” is offered, there is a softer home. I think this represents the idea of the sacrifice given, the “softer home” The one thing that confused me about this was the ending. I didn’t understand about the Oars diving the oceans. What do the oars represent? any thoughts?